Sunday, March 7, 2010

5 Months Old!

Reece is 5 months old now! She has really started to deveolop a personality this month. She laughs and talks(in her own way), and she loves to play! This month she has rolled over to her stomach, but she hasn't learned to roll back over yet. She also started eating rice and oatmeal this month. She wasn't a big fan at first, but now she loves it. We have moved on to a few veggies (she hates green beans) and will hopefully continue to expand her menu throughout the month.
This month Matt and I left Reece overnight for the first time to go to Las Vegas to see Garth Brooks. I was so nervous about leaving her, but it all worked out great. She stayed with two of the girls who watch her regularly and had a great time. Matt and I had a great time, but it was so wonderful to get home and see our baby Reece.

Everything must go in the mouth

Reece's first Valentine's Day gift from her Daddy

She literally fell asleep mid-jump

Reece really wants to feed herself

Going for a walk with Grammy

She loved swinging for her first time!

I have four girls who watch Reece on a regular basis and I absolutely love them all. Reece is always happy when I get home and I am so happy she gets to stay in her own home everyday. The girls play with her, read to her, and love her. They even send me text pictures frequently to keep me updated on her day. I couldn't go to work everyday without them.
Reece and Brenna. Brenna stayed with Reece while we were in Las Vegas.

Laura Knecht from Okarche

Tanner and Reece
Tanner and Reece taking a chubby cheeks picture